The JACKSON MONEY app was established to be a repository and transaction portal by which recipients will receive their "reparations" money as well as digitally transact therewith. This wallet lets you send and receive money instantly! Yes this is real.... if YOU are real enough to unify with others in your community to assert your human rights. THIS IS LAW! The basis of this program is the political independence of Afrodescendants (Black people) in Jackson away from any federal or state control. New independent leadership will utilize the billions of dollars worth of assets from the city to finance this economic stimulus. No need for Afrodescendants to continue to beg for reparations from the government when we can lawfully take political control to grant them to ourselves.

Reparations Is Law!!!

International law states that all victims of human rights violations have a right to reparation. Besides being monetarily compensated, the most important part of reparations is for the victims to be restored to the condition they were in before the violation. This means that Afrodescendants must be restored back to power of self-governing free from any control by state or federal governments who were part of the violation of slavery.

$100,000 To Every Adult

One hundred thousand dollars spending power will be credited to your account when you open one. The value of the funds are made possible by city assets leveraged to create production of goods to be purchased with the digital currency in your wallet. The community's collective "human capital" gives significant value to the currency because of your confidence and unity in using your own currency.

You Are A Human Capital MILLIONAIRE!

Human capital is the stock of habits, knowledge, social and personality attributes (including creativity) embodied in the ability to perform labor so as to produce economic value. These resources are the total capacity of the people that represents a form of wealth that can be directed to accomplish the goals of the nation or state or a portion thereof. The United Kingdom (with London as the financial capital of the world) human capital value in 2013 stood at over $350,000 per person for that year. Please follow this example: A person distributes pieces of paper with numbers written on them to ten people in a room. The numbers on the paper total 100 for each person. The paper is valueless thus far. All of a sudden one person stands and says “I am a barber and will style your hair for 20 of these paper units”. Instantly the paper now has value because at least everyone can use it to get their hair styled if for nothing else. What if all ten people in the room stand and agree to exchange whatever skill they have for the units on the pieces of paper? Wealth is created out of thin air through UNITY & TRUST!

Social Currency

YOU are the value!

People think poverty is an individual failure rather than an engineered human system...

Let's assert the Right of Self-Determination and RE-ENGINEER POVERTY INTO PROSPERITY!